Programme Overview

Haizida Teaching Methodology


The core of AcaDios Academy comes within HAIZIDA Teaching Methodology.

HAIZIDA refers to– Massive Reading– Self- Learning– Knowledge Sharing.
Combining the cultivation of three abilities, it equips students with new skills and ways of thinking to meet the needs of 21st century challenges.

海自达指的是—海量阅读 – 自主学习 – 分享表达。

Knowledge Sharing 分享表达

Train students to share story content and takeaway in class. Through sharing, it encourages students to share knowledge and learn from each other.


Massive Reading 海量阅读

Through massive reading, it helps students in many ways- improved literacy, build background knowledge, stimulate thinking and analytical skills to develop higher-order thinking.


Education of Appreciation 赏识教育

Develop students’ self-rewarding ability and encourage students to be good at discovering and appreciating others strengths and learn from it.


Self-Learning 自主学习

Integrates games and plays into classroom teaching (Wulin Conference- Expert/ Master/ Senior/ Junior) to train students in asking and answering questions (self-learning), to develop their team spirit, communication skills and collaboration skills.

把游戏融入课堂教学(武林大会- 高手/师父/师兄/师弟)训练学生自己出题,自己回答 (自主学习)、团队精神、沟通能力和协作能力。

Haizida Uniqueness

  • Massive reading approach aimed to improve students’ learning ability and higher-order thinking skill
  • Student- centered teaching method known as “Haizida”
  • Train students on team spirit, collaboration, communication skills, oral ability, self-learning ability
  • Students learn comprehensive knowledge
  • The integration of games in daily lesson plan makes students happier with learning
  • Most students enjoy reading and they maintain good reading habit even at home.
  • Teachers build stronger love bond with students.
  • Students are equipped with skills to meet the challenges of the AI-driven future.