About AcaDios

About AcaDios

AcaDios Academy is a Primary School Auxiliary and Parenting Education Academy for children aged 7-12. We strongly believe that a conducive environment filled with love and accompany will inspire children’s passion in learning. AcaDios is a place that nurtures a heart for learning in children and increase their capacity to learn.

At AcaDios, we believe effective learning should be active-happy instead of by force and harshness. Through the “Haizida Teaching Methodology”, we integrate games and plays into the classroom teaching to enable children of different levels participate in the games and plays after the teaching, helping children develop a good habit of self-learning.

Haizida Teaching Methodology” has been proven to help children improve their team spirit, communication skills, collaboration skills, oral ability and self-learning skill, that way it equips our children to keep up with the modern times and ready themselves for the future of artificial intelligence.

Happy Learning • Happy Life




乐乐学 • 乐乐活

Our Vision 愿景

Partnering with parents, we seek to nurture positivity and a love for learning in children.


Mission 使命

Become Malaysia’s the most influential Primary School Enrichment Academy by 2024.


Positioning 定位

The Academy for Primary School Enrichment and Parenting Program.


About Us

The Founding Story of AcaDios


AcaDios Academy is founded by Mr. Lo Vui Kung, a former Primary School Teacher after years of research and accumulated experience, determined to help primary schools and parents in improving student’s self-learning ability and fostering student’s character development.

The core of AcaDios Academy comes within HAIZIDA Teaching Methodology. HAIZIDA refers to– Massive Reading——Self- Learning– Knowledge Sharing. Combining the cultivation of three abilities, it equips students with new skills and ways of thinking to meet the needs of 21st century challenges.


海自达指的是—海量阅读 – 自主学习 – 分享表达。结合这3种能力的培养,让学生具备好应对21世纪挑战的新技能和思维方式,为未来做最好的准备。

According to a Brain Science Research Report,
The activation of brain is omnidirectional when reading.

阅读时, 大脑的活化是全方位的!

Self-Learning 自主学习


Integrates games and plays into classroom teaching (Wulin Conference- Expert/ Master/ Senior/ Junior ) to train students in asking and answering questions (self-learning), to develop their team spirit, communication skills and collaboration skills.

把游戏融入课堂教学(武林大会- 高手/师父/师兄/师弟)训练学生自己出题,自己回答 (自主学习)、团队精神、沟通能力和协作能力。

Massive Reading 海量阅读

Massive Reading

Through massive reading, it helps students in many ways- improved literacy, build background knowledge, stimulate thinking and analytical skills to develop higher-order thinking.


Knowledge Sharing 分享表达

Knowledge Sharing

Train students to share story content and takeaway in class. Through sharing, it encourages students to share knowledge and learn from each other.


Education of Appreciation 赏识教育

Education of Appreciation

Develop students’ self-rewarding ability and encourage students to be good at discovering and appreciating others strengths and learn from it.